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About us
Our mission is to provide the highest standard care to you and your family. The purpose of Heng Kang Diagnostics and Medical Clinic is to provide quality health and well-being services for our patients . We value service and are dedicated to serving others with compassion. Heng Kang Diagnostics and Medical Clinic specializes in Gynecology, Men's health, Piles/ hemorrhoids and Sexually transmitted infections... As a result, the clinic has always been a leader in medical examination and treatment for many years and has been trusted by numerous patients.
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The Clinical


Is designed based on the Department of Health's issued requirements for private clinic standards. The personnel also make sure that the environment is neat to provide a cleaner and healthier service



ALL medical equipment in the clinic are imported from countries having medicine development. Not just that but the technologies that are used to care and treat patients have also been through thorough research and development for better results and higher accuracy!

Heng Kang

Diagnostics and Medical Clinic

With its excellent service, numerous patients have given their trust to Heng Kang Clinic for their quality medication.

Reasonable Rates

The cost of the treatment process will depend on the outcome of the diagnosis, the patient will then choose her preference before proceeding to medication.



With a team of dedicated and experienced specialists, nurses and staff, Heng Kang Clinic is confident with the quality of their services.



Heng Kang Clinic is dedicated to providing excellent service to their patients, having a 24/7 chat support to be able to be reached out by the patients any time


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Informative Articles
Men's health
Piles/ haemorrhoids
Sexually transmitted infections
Clinical Environment
Our Strengths
All of Heng Kang Clinic's treatment methods focus on safety and effectivity that's why the treatments
  • Don't take long
  • Have less pain and bleeding
  • Leave no scars
  • Make sure that there won't be recurrece

ALT - PDT Machine

heartburn hpv

KN-2200 Machine


ALT - PDT Machine

heartburn hpv