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About us
Our mission is to provide the highest standard care to you and your family. The purpose of HengKang general clinic is to provide quality health and well-being services for people. We value service. We are dedicated to serving others with compassion. We believe that individuals are important, and we will treat everyone with respect and care. HengKang general clinic provides a combination of Gynecology, Men's health, Piles/ hemorrhoids, Sexually transmitted infections... As a result, the clinic has always been a leader in medical examination and treatment for many years and has been trusted by numerous patients.
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Why Choose Us

The Clinical


Is designed based on the Ministry of Health's issued requirements for private clinic standards. Prioritizing comfort and convenience for patients to arrange the reasonable time for medical examination and treatment.



ALL medical Equipment in Clinic are imported from countries having medicine development. Specially, technologies to care and treat patients have been researched and Developed for good results and high accuracy.

HengKang general


supporting 24 hour everyday, so that patients can discuss about their health problems anytimes. Then, with their experience, the staff will help patients to handle it quickly and detail.



The cost will be given by specialist based on the treatment process, the patient has allow to choose the course at a cost savings. Moreover, the clinic is committed to publicly the costs to patients.


a lot of experience

Owns a team of specialists, professional nurses, skilled in medical examination and treatment in the related fields. Professionals are enthusiastic people so they are always dedicated to their work



Focus on convenience as well as the most cost-saving for patients, Heng Kang clinic provides the most dedicated services like giving recommendations, diagnosis, treatments and take care after treatment.


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Men's health
Piles/ haemorrhoids
Sexually transmitted infections
Enviroment Clinic
Our Strengths
All the methods treatment at Heng Kang clinic are based on: safety - effective - fast recovery
  • It doesn't take long
  • No pain, less bleeding
  • No scars left
  • Low recurrence

ALT - PDT Machine

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KN-2200 Machine


ALT - PDT Machine

heartburn hpv