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Burning Urination in Male

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  Burning urination is a common symptom with many causes, several of which are related to bacterial infection. Men may experience painful urination due to prostatitis. This condition is the inflammation of the prostate gland. It’s a primary cause of urinary burning, stinging, and discomfort.

About Burning Urination

  Dysuria is the sensation of pain or burning on urination. In males, this sensation is usually felt in the distal urethra during voiding and resolves shortly after micturition. The timing of the discomfort can often predict its location in the urinary tract. Pain at the start of urination usually indicates a urethral source of inflammation. More severe pain occurring over the suprapubic area on completion of urination suggests inflammation of the bladder. Most men who experience new problems with painful or frequent urination should see their doctor. This guide is intended to provide helpful information while you are awaiting further evaluation, or can add to what you may have already learned after your visit with a doctor.



Symptoms of Burning Urination

  Burning Urination is often the symptom of a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Pain after urination can indicate a problem with the bladder or prostate. For many male patients, burning urination can persist in the penis before and after urination too.

  Men with pain when passing urine may also have other symptoms. These may be:

   Urinate more or less than normal

   Itch, swollen, or tender genital area

   Pain with sex


   Blood in the urine or semen This can be a dangerous sign and should always be evaluated.

   Painful Urination

   Difficulty urinating, or trouble emptying the bladder completely

   Loss of bladder control

   Discharge from the penis

Causes of Burning Urination

  Any men who has pain when passing urine needs his urine checked. Sometimes in young boys, the urine is normal.

  Meatitis. This means redness at the opening of the penis. It may have a sore or scab on it. Passing urine is painful. It occurs in boys who are circumcised. Can be caused by any irritant, such as bubble bath. Sometimes, the opening becomes infected with a bacteria, such as Strep.

  Foreskin Infection. This means an infection under the foreskin. The main symptom is a red and tender foreskin. Pus may also ooze out of the foreskin opening. Passing urine is painful. It occurs in boys who are not circumcised.

  Urethral Injury (Serious). The urethra passes through the entire penis. It can be injured by any straddle injury, such as falling on the crossbar of a bike. It can be bruised or torn. The main symptoms are bloody urine and pain when passing urine. There may be a bruise on the shaft of the penis. Some boys don't report an injury to the penis or scrotum.

  Bladder or Kidney Infections (urinary tract infections) are possible at any age. They are not common in boys.

  Sexually Transmitted Infection. In teens, pain when passing urine can be from diseases spread during sex.

When to see a doctor

  Everyone may experience painful urination from time to time.

  A person should see their doctor if the pain is consistent, and they are also experiencing the following symptoms:

   Blood in the urine, which will usually appear pink, brown, or red

   Pain in the side or back

   Pain that lasts longer than 24 hours

   Unusual discharge from the penis


  If an adult has a fever that is higher than 103°F, they should seek emergency medical attention.



   Note: A person should not ignore pain when urinating. A doctor can often help identify treatments that will reduce pain.

  mail People who feel ill should see our doctors at Heng Kang Clinic before an infection has time to get worse and cause additional symptoms. If you have further questions you can contact us at (02) 8356 - 0262 or click the consultation box at right side of your screen.

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