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How to cure glans inflammation?

Published at : 15-07-2019 View : 6914

  The glans plays an essential role in the reproductive organ of a male. It is a rounded head that appears to be the tip of your penis and it's located at the top center of your penis and inside this is the opening of the urethra. The urethra is tube-like where the urine and semen are being released out of the body.


  Some several reasons or factors that lead into having an inflamed glans. A single problem may have different causes and you must be aware of them for you to avoid having an inflammation of the glans. These four factors may start as simple but may eventually turn out as a bothersome condition if not prevented.



   Non-infectious factors - this includes local trauma, friction, birth control pills, soap, and detergents, etc., local manifestations of edematous erythema, erosion, exudate and even bleeding.

   Candida infection - It is a conditional pathogenic fungus, candida balanitis is often known as secondary to diabetes. It can not be found locally, which may be caused by local allergic reactions.

   Amoeba protozoal infection - When local erosion, ulceration, and tissue necrosis are apparent, it is an obvious sign of this infection.

   Trichomoniasis infection - Many of the spouses were infected with vaginal trichomoniasis. The symptoms are mild, mainly manifested as erythema pimples and small blisters in the head of the turtle. The situation is clear and the scope is gradually expanding, and patients often feel itchy. Trichomonas can be found in the secretions.

        There are four different reasons or causes on how you could have an inflamed glans. The only thing you need to do is to avoid having these infections to prevent having a glans inflammation. Prevention is better than cure. But if you happen to experience or observe any symptom of having an inflamed glans, go to our doctor immediately and consult for the right treatment.


  Treatment for Balanitis depends on the cause, you need to understand the difference between the four factors or causes for you to be able to know how to prevent or at least lessen the severity of your condition. Most of the time, our doctor advises in many severe cases, personal or face-to-face consultation is needed. It is highly advised to patients who have a sensitive medical condition like this to be examined. Do not let the inflammation to get worse. The worse that it gets, the harder it is to be cured. Also, the consequence is a much expensive treatment because a specific medical procedure must be done. Our doctor knows better and we have to submit ourselves if we want to be cured.



    Have time for your health. Do not ignore any sign that you have a problem with your glans. There is an essential part that the glans is doing in your body. Treat the symptoms as soon as possible. Visit our trusted and leading diagnostics and medical clinic in Manila. Heng Kang Diagnostics and Medical Clinic provides quality health care services. It receives a lot of positive feedback because of its exemplary aid and assistance to the patients. The highly qualified professionals are also recognized for their impeccable conduct.

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