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How to treat smegmas?

Published at : 27-07-2019 View : 7190

  Men with a foreskin that is too long or phimosis should be more cautious to avoid them from suffering from foreskin balanitis because usually if the foreskin is too long the phimosis will secrete a lot of smegmas. These smegmas are very harmful, so how are smegmas supposed to be treated?

  More about Smegma and How to Treat it

  The smegma is mainly caused by the excessive length of the foreskin and the phimosis, so that the secretion of the inner plate cannot be removed in time, and the growth and reproduction of the bacteria causes the secretion of the foreskin to increase.

  When smegma is severe, it can cause balanitis, prostate, etc. On the other hand, it can also transmit bacteria to each other through sexual intercourse, causing female vaginitis, cervicitis, endometritis and so on.

  If the smegma is lighter, it can be improved by washing.

  If smegma is more serious, it is recommended to go to the regular hospital urology for surgery.

  Smegma prevention and treatment

  Pay attention to personal hygiene, often clean the foreskin. Generally, it can be cleaned with water. It is best not to use detergent because it is irritating to the foreskin.

  If the foreskin is too long to be treated in time for circumcision. The foreskin must be turned out to avoid smegma and inflammation, and remember to turn it back after washing to avoid incarcerated phimosis.

  Try to choose loose and comfortable cotton underwear.

  Under the long-term stimulation of smegma, the foreskin glans may appear redness, itching and other symptoms, once these symptoms appear, it's time to go to the hospital and get a urology examination and treatment.

  Note:It’s important to avoid scraping the smegma with sharp devices or cotton swabs. That can cause additional irritation. If the smegma isn’t improving after a week of proper cleaning, or if it’s getting worse, see our doctor.

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