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  Nowadays, in many provinces around our country, there are many private health care centers such as private hospitals, private clinics, etc. And one of the most trusted and reliable names is HengKang Clinic. So, do you know about this facility? if not, please follow the information below

  In our times, the strain of today’s environment, combined with unhealthy life habits, stress in relationships… lead to increasing numbers of people affected by social diseases, andrology, gynecology. That means the number of patients visiting public hospitals is also rising.

  Therefore, to avoid waiting times in crowded hospitals, we built a private medical facility called HengKang General Clinic.

  Located in a beautiful setting, convenient and built as a small unique hospital. We are supporting patients to deal with a variety of diseases:

  Men’s health: Men specific issues regarding: foreskin, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection, premature ejaculation, testicular, prostate, penis orthopedic, male infertility

  Gynecology: Women specific issues regarding: vaginal infection, ovarian, breast pain and lumps, vaginal orthopedic, female infertility and women's reproductive health care.

  Sexual diseases: human papillomavirus, herpes simplex virus, gonorrhea & syphilis are dangerous diseases just second after HIV.

  Pile/hemorrhoids: internal piles (hemorrhoids), external piles (hemorrhoids), general piles (hemorrhoids), anal fistula, anal abscess, anal fissure … are common diseases of our times.

  And many others regarding: musculoskeletal, ENT and dermatology.

  For those delicate issues, people are often hesitant in visiting public hospitals. Understanding this, we offer: ‘One specialist – One patient’ as our motto at HengKang Clinic. We are here for your comfort and peace of mind.

What are the strengths of HengKang clinic?

  While improving in patient and physician prestige, every facility needs to showcase their strengths. And HengKang Clinic is no different. In order for the medical treatment process to go smooth, effectively and to create good vibes for patients, we have built excellent strengths:

  5 positive points about HengKang clinic:

  1. Standards

  We are proudly checked and licensed by the Ministry of Health with a standard model. The medical examination environment is clean, comfortable & sterile. All of our operations are approved by the Ministry.

  2. Prestige

  To make sure the results of examinations and treatments are effective, the clinic has focused on its team of skilled and highly qualified medical professionals. They have honed their skillset in many countries around the world, working in many big hospitals and curing thousands of patients. That’s a proud point in our reputation at HengKang Clinic.

  3. Quality

  Going into the operation process, we are well prepared. Our clinic has a medical examination and treatment environment with all modern equipments and machinery. Mostly imported from countries such as the US, South Korea, Japan, etc, which are very supportive of the process of diagnosis and operation.

  4. Convenience:

  Application of modern information technology: We created our inhouse consulting system – booking an online appointment – ideal for remote located patients to register. Besides that, the flexible working time layout (from 8am – 8pm daily) serves patients even on holidays, Tet,...

  5. Rational

  Last but not least, HengKang clinic is completely transparent in its Hospital's fees, all declared, with bills. We constantly try to minimize all processes for patients, so they get treated with the most reasonable cost.

  *** The reasons for bringing patients to HengKang General clinic:

   HengKang Clinic gradually became a trusted address for many patients. The prestige and quality are confirmed in the following reasons:

   Using all the methods and the most advanced techniques in the world in diagnosis, ensuring high results - safe – and fast.

   Our track record in medical examination and treatment, shows success for thousands of patients, affected by many kinds of diseases: 99,9% successful.

   Professional and dedicated working style and attentive service of our medical staff members, with strict examination processes.

   The medical examination environment is sterile, clean and modern,… decreasing risks of complications to occur.

   “Patients first” is our working motto. We “bring” high quality, perfect medical examinations and treatment.


Note: Treatment results may vary depending on the condition of each patient. Therefore, patients need to go to a specialized clinic for a direct consultation with a doctor. Do not take any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor.

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Adress: 517-519 Quintin Paredes St., Brgy.289, Binondo, City of Manila, NCR, Philippines 1006

Tel: (02)8356 0262

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