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What Does Prepuce Mean?

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       A Prepuce is a skin covering over the tip of the penis (glans) in men, the prepuce is also known as the foreskin. People with their prepuce intact are called uncut which is slang.

About Prepuce

  All healthy boys are born with a foreskin, a guy who has a penis with a foreskin will need to pull it back and wash underneath it to prevent secretions from building up and attracting infection. Depending on the guy, the size of his foreskin, and his personal preference, he may want to also retract his foreskin when he puts on a condom.

  The foreskin retracts during an erection in most guys. Other guys prefer to keep their foreskins from retracting during sex because the glans underneath may be too sensitive.



Common foreskin problems

  Conditions that may affect the foreskin include:

  Inflammation – sore and red foreskin, common causes include forced retraction, irritants such as bubble baths or dirty nappies.

  Infection – the most common include posthitis and balanitis. Posthitis is an infection of the foreskin, usually caused by fungus thriving in the hot and moist conditions and Balanitis is an infection of the foreskin and glans, and it is usually caused by poor hygiene

  Chronic infections – for some males, posthitis or balanitis tends to recur, a complication of chronic infections is scar tissue, which could stick the foreskin to the glans and make retraction impossible. Chronic infections of the penis and foreskin also increase the risk of urinary tract infections.

  Phimosis – the foreskin is abnormally tight, which prevents it from retracting, this can cause recurrent balanitis because good hygiene is difficult or impossible. An erection may cause the foreskin to split and bleed, the tight foreskin can also hinder urination. Phimosis is the most common reason for circumcision after infancy.

  Paraphimosis – permanently retracted foreskin, the foreskin gathers like a tight rubber band around the penis, causing swelling and pain. This condition is the second most common reason for adult circumcision.

  Tumour – rarely, abnormal growths develop on the foreskin, the tumor is cancerous. Penile cancer is extremely rare in circumcised men.

Foreskin Dangers for Specific Men

  Men with penile cancer stem from the cause of the foreskin. According to expert doctors, foreskin seeks many hidden dangers to specific men:

  Premature Ejaculation reduced pleasure: The foreskin is so tight that the foreskin cannot be exposed, it’s very sensitive and the male foreskin is most likely to Premature Ejaculation.

  Male Infection: The foreskin is too long to lead to difficult hygiene, sweating, accumulation of genital organs, an ideal environment for bacteria, proliferation viruses to cause foreskin inflammation, bacteria swell upstream and cause Cystitis or Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), and testicular inflammation.

  Increasing the rate of Penile Cancer: Expert doctors said that people who have problems with the foreskin, especially the foreskin are at greater risk for Penile Cancer, more times than the average person.

  Many men believe that the foreskin condition is not dangerous and then time by time the disease will go away on its own, that is absolutely wrong, if the long foreskin is not treated promptly, it will cause serious consequences on the reproductive function of men.



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