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What does smegma look like?

Published at : 28-07-2019 View : 7206

If the foreskin is too long, it will easily lead to the occurrence of smegma. The smegma is very harmful. It will cause the penis to be too short, affecting male fertility and causing penile cancer. Let's take a closer look at what smegma looks like?

  What does smegma look like?

  There is a certain sebaceous gland under the skin at the junction of the inner surface of the penis foreskin and the head of the penis. These glands constantly secrete some light yellow oily substances, which are mixed with some dirt and contaminated urine from the skin. It takes a long time. The thicker the product, the more it can be in the form of a sheet or a small piece, and it adheres tightly to the skin of this part. If you usually take less bathing or bathing, you will not get the habit of washing your body. This part will not be cleaned frequently. The smegma will accumulate thicker and stick to the skin tightly. In fact, the way to avoid this situation is very simple, that is, to take a bath often. Some people in areas where they can't bathe often have to develop the habit of washing their bodies. If these secretions and dirt are often washed away, the smegma will not form, and there will be no smegma in pieces.

  When the phimosis or foreskin is too long, the secretion of the endothelial gland of the foreskin cannot be discharged, and gradually forms a smear smegma. The smegma is suitable for bacterial growth, which can cause inflammation of the penis head and foreskin. Inflammation that occurs in the urethral orifice can cause a narrow urethral opening after healing, resulting in difficulty in urinating. Penile cancer may also occur in the penis head due to long-term stimulation of smegma.

  What are the hazards of smegma?

  1.Resulting in short penis: smegma is easy to hinder the normal development of the penis, if not treated in time to form a small penis.

  2.Trigger reproductive infection: smegma long-term accumulation is prone to urinary infectious diseases, due to the role of smegma and other sediments, can cause dermatitis, balanitis, urethritis, genital warts, herpes and other urinary infectious diseases.

Smegma is secreted by glands beneath the foreskin of the uncircumcised penis

  3.Leading to sexual dysfunction: easy to lead to sexual pain, difficulty and sensitivity, leading to male dysfunction, such as impotence, premature ejaculation, ejaculation too fast and not ejaculation, and resulting in disharmony between husband and wife, reducing the quality of life.

  4.It leads to gynecological inflammation: a large amount of smegma accumulates in the foreskin, and the smegma is full of various bacteria, causing repeated infections of women's gynecological diseases. Clinical investigation shows that smegma is an important cause of malignant transformation of the female cervix

  5. Stimulate the penis head to cause cancer: penis angle, penile papilloma, condyloma acuminata, penile leukoplakia, proliferative penile erythema, etc., such lesions are easily converted into penile cancer. According to epidemiological investigations, more than 90% of penile cancers are caused by smegma formed by excessive foreskin or phimosis.

  6. Leading to foreskin balanitis: smegma easily lead to the foreskin and penile head often inflamed, long-term inflammation stimulation, will cause penile local tissue cell degeneration worse.

  7. Trigger male infertility: prostatitis caused by smegma infection, reduce sperm motility and semen viscosity, can cause infertility.

  Note:It’s important to avoid scraping the smegma with sharp devices or cotton swabs. That can cause additional irritation. If the smegma isn’t improving after a week of proper cleaning, or if it’s getting worse, see our doctor.

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