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What do Urgency Urination mean?

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  Urgency urination is the sudden urge to urinate due to involuntary contractions of the bladder muscle. It is an inconvenient condition that can affect both men and women. Urgency urination is sometimes called overactive bladder, and when this condition happens at night, it's called nocturia.

Signs and symptoms of Urgency Urination

  Some terms that are used to describe symptoms that might accompany frequent urination.

  The symptoms include:

  Urinary incontinence: The inability to control the flow of urine, leads to either constant or intermittent accidental leakage.

  Dysuria Pain:  It is a burning sensation during or immediately following urination. This may be an indication of a urinary tract infection.

  Hematuria: Blood in the urine may be tiny amounts, clots, or very bloody. This will typically cause the urine to appear darker in color.

  Dribbling: After you urinate, the urine continues to drip or dribble out.

  Straining: Have to squeeze or bear down to initiate the urine stream.



Common causes of Urgency Urination

  Urinary tract infections are the most common reason for frequent or urgent urination. 

  Other causes include:

  Bladder conditions

  One major cause of frequent urination is a condition that is affecting your bladder in some way. This can be an infection or injury of the bladder, or it is muscle, nerve or tissue changes that are affecting your bladder function.

  Prostate conditions

  The prostate is a gland that’s located in the male reproductive system, just below the bladder. Frequent urination is one of the warning signs that you may have an issue with your prostate health.

  Kidney conditions

  Changes in kidney function or kidney disease can cause frequent urination and other symptoms like kidney pain (right below your rib cage or in your back/abdomen), fluid retention and swelling, indigestion and high blood pressure.


  With both type 1 and 2 diabetes, the body tries to get rid of unused glucose through your urine, inflicting frequent urination and a large amount of urine. Besides frequent urination, some other common diabetes symptoms include weight changes, numbness or tingling in your hands and feet, frequent infections and dry skin.

  Urinary tract infections

  A urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria that enter the urinary tract and cause UTI symptoms like frequent urination, pain when urinating and a burning sensation in the bladder. You may also notice cloudy urine or strong-smelling urine.

  Sexually transmitted diseases: STD is on the rise and because many of them affect your urinary system, they can cause frequent urination. Chlamydia and gonorrhea particularly can cause urinary symptoms including frequent urination, painful urination, discharge and swelling at the opening of the urethra.

Treatment for urgency Urination

  Urgency urination is not a life-threatening but can decrease your quality of life. The goal of treatment is to decrease symptoms that may not go away entirely. It often takes trials of several treatments before symptoms improve. Therapy may be long-term and may have side effects. If you have symptoms above it’s best to consult our doctor in Heng Kang Clinic for the best treatment. Our doctor has advance technology that can cure your health problem.



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