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What to do when my Vaginal Itch?

Published at : 17-12-2019 View : 7113

      Vaginal itching is the sign of yeast infections and different vaginal infections (including Sexually Transmitted diseases ), itchiness in the vagina and vulvar areas have multiple causes.

Symptoms of Vaginal Itch

  Vagina itch is usually characterized by a tingling, stinging or burning sensation of the external skin surrounding the vaginal area. The itching can range from mild to severe and can come and go at any time and the vaginal itch is an irritating and sometimes painful symptom that often occurs due to irritating substances, infections, or menopause.




   Odorless white or clear discharge

   Having a new sex partner or multiple sex partners

   Vaginal discharge

  Although vaginal itch will be embarrassing or bothersome, most cases are treated by consulting a doctor.



Causes of Vaginal Itch

  Yeast infection

  Yeast infections occur once the yeast candida grows excessively in the vagina and vulva. Pregnancy, intercourse, and a weakened immune system can all make women more likely to get a yeast infection. In addition to itchiness and irritation, a yeast infection can produce a thick, white, cheesy discharge.

  Bacterial Vaginosis

  Bacterial Vaginosis once your vagina's bacterial balance gets thrown out of whack, it will result in bacterial vaginosis, which may cause rampant itchiness and you can expect discharge that’s gray or grayish-white and fishy-smelling.


  Irritation or allergy anywhere on the body can cause discomfort but when it occurs in an area as sensitive as the vagina and vulva. It can be especially uncomfortable and most vaginal itching isn't a major concern.

  Skin Diseases

  Some skin diseases, like eczema, and psoriasis, will cause redness and itching in the genital area.

Treatment for Vaginal Itch

  Itchy of the Vagina is a problem when it doesn’t go away or keeps coming back and it can be serious. Many women occasionally have short episodes of itching that resolve without treatment. Itching is considering the problem when it persists, is severe, recurs, or is accompanied by a discharge. When you experience persistent itching, we recommend you going to Heng Kang clinic because it may cause underlying complications. Also, it is better to visit a trusted clinic that can give you a quality health care service and comfortable facilities. At Heng Kang Diagnostics and Medical Clinic, you can be assured of the proper care and assistance. Our Heng Kang clinic provide higher quality equipment to your health problems talk to our doctors to help the ease your illness to be treated. Consulting to our clinic is the right decision because you will get more than what you expect.

  We assure that it will be successful because of our doctors, especially those patients that need more treatment. We advise that we have a great doctor at Heng Kang that can help them to recover faster.

  Heng Kang Diagnostics and Medical Clinic is made convenient for patients with such conditions. The clinic is the home of highly qualified medical professionals that assure you of quality health care services. The patient-friendly staff and representatives will also provide you an excellent experience upon visiting.



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