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Where to Treat Gynecological Problems

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  Gynecologists at Heng Kang Clinic is dedicated to individualized, comprehensive care for women of all ages. Our highly-qualified team treated all gynecological conditions and diseases in a compassionate, engaging manner. 


  Here are some key points concerning gynecologists. additional detail is within the main article.

   A gynecologist is a doctor who focuses on the health of the feminine organs.

   Many women begin visiting a gynecologist from their early teens and still attend a well-woman clinic for general health problems too.

   Women are suggested to go to a gynecologist annually for a health check, and any time they have symptoms that concern them.

   A gynecologist should be certified and registered with an expert body.




  Heng Kang Clinic is a prestigious address of many women who suffer from gynecological diseases because of our:

  Good services: Not only you will be treated carefully by our doctor, but you also receive the care very carefully from our nurses.

  Licensed by the Ministry of Health: A medical facility is considered prestigious and quality, the first factor must be licensed by the leading agency to establish. And Heng Kang clinic has met this, this is the basis for patients to trust more about us.

  The top of medical experts: A team of good experts and doctors will be the decisive factor for the success of the treatment process. And we are always confident that the Heng Kang clinic has experts who are not only professional and experienced but also dedicated to treating patients.

  Applying advanced methods in the world: We always explore, research and successfully apply modern methods in the world to treat and bring the highest efficiency.

  Modern medical equipment: A quality medical center is indispensable for this factor. In addition to providing good support for the doctor's examination, testing, and treatment process, it helps patients feel more peace of mind, trust.

  Simple and quick examination process: If you are obsessed with jostling to get numbers or waiting for your turn at other hospitals, come to us, you will be guided for the extremely simple and fast procedure, ensuring no wasting time for the patient.

  The costs are publicly and listed: All fees are listed by us according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health, at the same time open to help patients easy to follow.


  Heng Kang clinic is one of the most reliable and secure addresses within the area. At this time, our clinic is applying the minimally invasive Korean technique to the repairing procedure to confirm high potency. Heng Kang Clinic is one of the medical clinics that has received the trust of diverse patients within the past. We offer a full vary of diagnostic and treatment services for innovative developments in healthcare, significantly in 'patient-focused' care, day surgery. As a result, the clinic has continuously been the top in medical examination and treatment for several years and has been trustworthy by various patients. Our clinic also specializes in uterine, ovarian, cervical, vulvar and vaginal cancers and are experts in minimally invasive/robotic surgery. Armed with cutting-edge technology and unique research opportunities, and our gynecologists offer the very best in women’s gynecological health care.



   For further questions, you can visit Heng Kang Clinic at 517-519 Quintin Paredes St., Brgy.289, Binondo, City of Manila. You can also click the consultation box at the right side of your screen or call us at (02) 8356 - 0262 to set an appointment.

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