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Why does my Butt hurt?

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  Butt muscle pain can be caused by trauma from an injury that may result in a bruise or pulled a muscle, damage to the sciatic nerve, or hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of Butt hurt

  Several conditions can cause pain in the buttocks, from minor muscle strains to infections. Most of these conditions aren’t serious, but some warrant a visit to our doctor.



  The symptoms include:

   Numbness or weakness in your leg

   Trouble controlling your bowels or bladder

   A sore that doesn’t heal

   Sharp or shooting pain

   Muscle strain

   Fever of 104°F (40°C) or higher

Causes of Butt Hurt

  Butt hurt can come into different forms like shooting pain, cramping, even an irritating type of pain. No matter which type of pain you're experiencing, you probably want it gone.

The causes include:

  Menstruation: your periods can mess with your poop. Hormone-like compounds called prostaglandins—they make the uterus contract, causing crampscan stray into the bowel area and cause some people to poop more during their period.

  Hemorrhoids: are swollen blood vessels that form on the anus and rectum. There are also two types of hemorrhoids and it is external and internal. Itching or pain around the anus, along with a lump (an inflamed blood vessel), can signal external hemorrhoid and internal hemorrhoids also cause rectal pain and may be accompanied by bleeding.

  Muscle strains: are causes of exercising too much, not warming up before you exercise, or moving suddenly or in an awkward way.

  Bruising: can occur if someone suffers an injury that causes the blood vessels to become damaged and blood to pool underneath the skin. This is why a bruise appears as a black or blue mark.

  Vascular disease: a person who has vascular disease may experience butt pain due to blood vessels becoming blocked and not enough blood reaching the legs. The pain usually occurs when walking and stops if the person stops moving.

  Perirectal abscess: also known as a perianal abscess, is a cavity that forms in a gland near the anus. It is caused by a bacterial infection and is filled with pus.

Treatment for Butt hurt

  There are many reasons why a person might feel butt pain. Butt pain can be prone to injury and disease, so it is common. Some people self-diagnose their pain if the cause is obvious, such as a fall or injury. If the pain hasn’t improved in a few days or it’s getting worse, see our doctor. They’ll perform a physical exam and possibly take imaging tests, such as X-rays, to look for the cause of the pain. Go to the Heng Kang clinic for better and safe treatment. Oud clinic is reputable, have effective treatment, and trusted clinic in Metro Manila. Visiting Heng Kang Clinic is the right decision because you will get more than your expectations.



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